Exclusive one-on-one interviews with personalities from across the travel industry. Digitally recorded and produced in HD, these entertaining, light-hearted interviews will cover pre-determined topics related to tactical initiatives and will be posted on the home page of all online properties for 36 hours, after which point they will be archived and available for viewing. Available and hosted in both English and French.

Price:   $ 1,000

State-of the art live broadcasting of special announcements, news conferences and events. Live broadcasting will be presented within PAX’s online channels, with a proprietary embedded video player. Broadcasts will be available to stream via social media channels such as Facebook. Available via desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Price:   $ 600    -    Sponsorship:   $ 500

In-destination footage digitally recorded and produced in HD, created to showcase a specific product or destination. Ideally, the intent is to replicate a travel agent’s FAM experience (i.e. visiting a resort, touring room categories, checking out food & beverage facilities, interviews with hoteliers and other representatives, etc.)

Price:   $ 8,000

This exciting, innovative product is intended to humanize suppliers to the travel agency community by taking a behind-the-scenes view of ‘a day in the life’ of a supplier. Touring the facilities with the appropriate designate, spending time in reservations, commercial planning, groups etc. is a great way to engage travel agents.

Price:   $ 8,000

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