PAX Virtual Travel Show

Logo of the PAX Virtual Travel Show
2015 edition:
3,000 visitors
35 exhibitors

A first in Canada!

A virtual national show for all travel professionals!

The PAX Virtual Travel Show’s mission is connectivity; bringing Canadian travel industry professionals together in an accessible way. The event takes place entirely online, via a revolutionary, easy-to-use 3D platform.

Attendees of the PAX Virtual Trade Show enjoy all the professional benefits of a trade show floor without ever having to leave their workplace. Historically a three-day event, the Show includes presentations and educational sessions all conveniently available around the clock, allowing an agency’s entire team to attend seminars and supplier meetings as their schedule allows. Through a professionally shot video presentation of their team, exhibitors at the event will have virtual representatives in their booths.

For exhibitors, this is an excellent opportunity to optimize the supply of their products and services without ever having to move. Clearly, they join thousands of travel professionals while saving on travel expenses, personnel and equipment. The designated virtual representative handles meet visitors at the same booth fully customized with the colors of the company.

PAX Virtual Travel Show is free to all travel professionals, whether full time, part time or outside agent, wishing to meet the various industry suppliers.

The lobby of the PAX Virtual Travel Show with our virtual host Wazna.
Inside an exhibition hall at the PAX Virtual Travel Show.

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